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Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Oct. '10 - Uhaj, Banaue to Sagada, Mountain Province

we had a good night's sleep inside the traditional Igorot house or "Abung" which has no windows and it has only the main entrance as the door.

we commence our journey @ around half past nine in the morning, after having our breakfast at

we have to traverse the same road, roughly 6 to 10 kilometers of mud road (can't recall the exact figures, sorry) from Uhaj to Banaue town proper junction.

Banaue, Ifugao to Sagada, Mountain Province is a sixty two (62+-) kilometers of winding paved road but there are a couple of landslides here & there.

if you'll drive straight to Sagada, it would only take you 3 hours, but since we had to make a few stops, we arrived at about 2:30pm. 

first, we registered at the Tourist Info Center of Sagada 
(a must)
then we have to find a place to stay for 2 nights, luckily there's enough place to choose from. after we agreed to stay at George Guesthouse, it's time for late lunch, also at George's. 
we tried also the infamous "yoghurt house". 

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