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Friday, October 29, 2010

29 Oct. '10 - Uhaj Native Village

exactly a year after, we decided to visit Uhaj, Banaue for the second time.

started our journey 12 midnight
more than 9 hours of night driving (for passengers it's 9 hours of sleep time)
100 plus shuffled songs from Aoi Ue's iPod

full tank at Sh__l Cabanatuan
bought a few hot pandesal from mamang bicycle potpot vendor, some even tasted like amag! (molds)

30 minutes past six am we had an early breakfast at Jollibee Solano, bought some extra rice too 'cause we have some baon (bacon & adobo) as requested by Audi

fill up at P_tr_n Solano, Nueva Viscaya as well

made a short stop at Bagabag Nueva Viscaya to buy some Buko Pie. (yummy!)

upon reaching Lagawe, the town before Banaue, thobs asked himself, "what am i doing right here?" "why am i taking my family to Banaue this time of the year specially after super-typhoon Juan hits North Luzon a week ago."

there are a couple of landslides at the main road going to Banaue, what could be possibly waiting for us at Uhaj? more landslides? 

the remoteness of the place makes it more charming or should i say enchanting?

mind you, from Banaue town proper to Uhaj is more or less 10 kilometers of unpaved-narrow-muddy-choco

we have an option, Graham offered us the night before we depart manila a ride which will pick us up at Banaue town proper then bring us to his own piece of heaven on earth. but we opted to bring our ride instead & asked Kuya Max, Stephen for short (weird huh?) if he can meet us along the town proper & guide us to Uhaj, he's a good spotter/navigator. If you need a tour guide here's his digits. 0926 9162406

see our previous post.

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