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Sunday, June 26, 2011

20 June '11 - Rice Terraces from Hungduan & Banaue

this was our first time to see the "green" rice terraces
one of the best month to visit this place
some are common to most, some are not

Hapao Rice Terraces

 Dakkitan Rice Terraces

 Gohang Rice Terraces

19 June '11 - Ujah, Banaue, Province of Ifugao

it was Jose Rizal's 150th bday
so we decided to go for a short vacation
this time, with Mama, Aunts & cousins

but the question was,
where should we go?
Vigan or Banaue

one of the main concern when travelling with a large group is "travel time"

to make a long story short
we consulted Austin aka niknok if where should we take our "companions"
first he explained why not Vigan, there's only one street to explore, that's it...
while the Province of Ifugao has many things to offer
if there's a thing called "beach/island hopping"
there's also "rice terraces hopping"

spent two nights at Uhaj, Banaue
our 4th time since 2009

View from Uhaj Native Village Inn