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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 April '09 - Matabang Beach Resort

After a week of preparation and a day of cancellation, at last we've made it.

half past midnight we started loading our things
at 1 a.m. we're on board on our ever trusty crv
took the NLEX then SCTEX La Paz exit
before 6 am we're at Alaminos, Pangasinan
from Burgos to Brgy. Osmena Dasol it would take you an 1 hour and half of driving that's because of 15 kilometers of unpaved road (rough road or dirt road to some)

I think after a few kilometers of dirt/rough road my husband started to apologize to our kids, he said that this won't ever happen again, we will not go back to this place ever again, and they responded accordingly.

But soon after we saw the beachfront plus the place where we would stay, we all agreed that this place is WOW!

We spent two nights at Matabang Beach Resort in Dasol, Pangasinan, to catch up some sun and our first trip to welcome the summer heat, unfortunately there was none.

Tita Heyse and Tito Sherwin was very accomodating to us, the owners of matabang beach resort. Food was never a problem since they can also serve some for you.

The original plan was to spend a couple of nights in Dasol, then Bolinao & finally 100 Islands at Alaminos, but it all changed because of the weather. We never had a chance to revisit Bolinao and explore 100 Islands.

Our kids enjoyed staying here, we all did.

Who say's first impression last? in our case it doesn't, 'cause our first impression WAS not that good, well... almost bad if you're in the middle of nowhere plus no great views multiply the 15 kms. of rough road.

You won't regret going to Dasol.

Worth visiting from time to time.

We love to come back.

We will go back...

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