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Sunday, December 19, 2010

18 Dec. '10 - Ujah Elementary School

our 3rd time at Uhaj [definitely not our last]
2nd time this year alone
1st time with the Remolona's

excerpts from 2 way conversation while driving our way thru muddy roads [as usual] of Uhaj

ton: pre ano ba nakita mo dito sa Uhaj?
thobs: wala

thobs: pre, may dala kang ID?
ton: bakit pre?
thobs: si Aoi nagdala ng ID, para daw pag nahulog sa bangin, madali makilala

some of you wonder why we keep coming back to this place. one of the reasons maybe is the remoteness & serenity of the place. 

thanks to the Black Pencil Project for the inspiration.

tsinelas anyone?

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