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Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 Dec. '10 - Hungduan, Ifugao

2nd day at Uhaj, 

there must be an activity for our [both family] kids
so thobs consulted the day before our former guide [kuya romeo] if it's possible [wrong choice of word] to go trekking with a 2 year old toddler, [he] said yes.

ton gave thobs a go signal [on his/their part]

we need to drive first to Hungduan & register at their visitors center [cost of registration Php10/person] here is where we also learned that the best month to visit Hungduan is March/April & June/July 

made a couple of stops to take some photos of Hungduan Rice Terraces 
[ ]

the trek to hot springs which is located on the far end of Hungduan Rice Terraces took us more than an hour 

from the start of our trek Aoi keeps on complaining, "ang init ng araw" "ang layo" "pagod na 'ko" but you won't hear that from the others who is relatively younger than her.
maybe that's her personality.

but for Audi & Austin it was a dream come true
we never thought they would make it specially Audi who's afraid of heights.
they are more excited now to trek Batad Rice Terraces.

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