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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

13 Apr. '10 - Ilocos Norte


Departed: Vigan, Ilocos Sur at exactly 4:30 am
Arrived: at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte past 7:00 am
Breakfast at Saud Beach courtesy of Aling Thelma's Eatery

9:00 am - on our way to Blue Lagoon (which is another 16 kms away) to look for a resort & spend our night there but to no avail, none suits our tight budget. : ( so what we just did was parked our ride and enjoy the beach for at least a couple of hours ;)

Malingay Cove most commonly known to tourist as Blue Lagoon has a very nice beach but when you go further near Kapuluan Resort, they don't have a nice beach front because of rocks/corals. there are many small resorts including home stay to choose from but we prefer to spend the night at Polaris.

11:00 am - drove to French Riviera of the North (Patapat Viaduct lang po) all the way to Kilometer Post 578 which is the farthest road we ever been to, wala lang, just to have a reference point. then balik lang ulit.

past 12 noon, checked in at Polaris Beach Resort

3pm time to go to the beach, it's kodakan time ; )

Saud Beach needs no further intro, am sure many of you have heard it from a friend or might seen it on tv. Some say it's the Boracay of the North, we dunno why, we can't agree nor disagree since we haven't been to Boracay Island.

Live One Day at a Time
One Province at a Time > thobs

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